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ProcessGo to Virtual Servers Clone VPSSelect The Source Server. The server where the current VPS is.Select the VPS (s) you want to CloneSelect the Destination ServerSet the transfer speed for migration. If not set,by default it will be 100mbits/s.If you want to transfer the data at speed higher than 100mb/s then please specify the …Click on Clone VPS.You can check clone logs in /var/virtualizor/log/clone directory.

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  • Can I clone a VPS with a license?

  • A VPS which uses a web control panel licence to operate (for example pre-installed images with DirectAdmin, Plesk or cPanel) can also be cloned and a new license will be added to the cloned VPS. You may have to sync the license data before the clone can use the new license.

  • How do I clone a blade VPS?

  • Log in to your control panel, navigate to the ‘ BladeVPS ‘ tab and click the name of your VPS on the left. In the top right, click on ‘ Manage ‘, followed by ‘ Clone ‘. Select the type of VPS you’d like to use.

  • What is virtualizor clone VPS Wizard?

  • Overview. Virtualizor Clone VPS wizard allows you to seamlessly clone VPS from one server to another server OR same server without any manual intervention. Clone process transfers all your VPS data including configuration and user data.

  • How to clone Hyper-V virtual machine?

  • In fact, VMware allows user to make a copy of virtual machine as full clone or linked clone. But not so in Hyper-V. Hyper-V does not have outright clone option available (unless you鈥檙e also running System Center Virtual Machine Manager, also known as SCVMM).