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To create a subdomain,type the name of the subdomain and choose the main domain from the drop-down menu,optionally change a home folder or document root,then click Create buttonto setup the subdomain name on your VPS server in cPanel. If your domain is,a sub-domain of that might be

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  • Did You Know you can host subdomains on a VPS?

  • Did you know that you can host as many subdomains as you want thanks to nginx on a VPS? Well if you don’t know how to do that, reading this tutorial is going to help you setup subdomains assuming that you already have a domain setup already.

  • How do I add a sub-domain in Virtualmin?

  • Before you add a sub-domain in Virtualmin, you need to create it within the domain鈥檚 DNS. In this case, DNS was managed by DigitalOcean. Refer to my Adding a Sub Domain with DigialOcean DNS tutorial if you haven鈥檛 done this already. Once you have the sub domain pointing to your droplet, you can move on to Virtualmin part of sub domain creations鈥?/div>How to Add a Sub-Domain in Virtualmin ~

  • How do I create a subdomain in OVH?

  • For example, if you are running on OVH, you can find the DNS zone under 鈥?Web Domains 鈥榤ydomain鈥? DNS Zone鈥? Inside this zone, you have to create a new A record (鈥淎dd an entry鈥?button) pointing your new subdomain ( to your IPV4 (or an AAAA record if you have an IPV6).

  • How do I create a new subdomain?

  • Just select the domain you want to add a subdomain to, enter your subdomain and click 鈥楥reate鈥? Once you鈥檝e completed this step, you have successfully created a new subdomain!