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Following steps needs to be followed to make a VPS out of a dedicated server: Step 1:Check if your physical server is capable of meeting the hardware requirements of the hypervisor. A hypervisor is an operating system,which manages virtual servers and requires explicit hardware to install. Step 2: Save your data or appliance configuration,…

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  • How to configure your New VPs?

  • 5 Steps to Configure Your New VPS and Get It Ready to Use Step 1: Learn How to Log into Your VPS via Secure Shell (SSH) Access Step 2: Update Your Server Step 3: Create a New User and Modify Its Privileges Step 4: Enable Public Key Authentication Step 5: Set Up a Firewall for Your VPS

  • What is VPS hosting?

  • What Is VPS Hosting? A virtual private server (VPS) is your own private section of a physical server, with that portion of the server鈥檚 resources dedicated just to you.

  • What is the difference between a VPS and a dedicated server?

  • That鈥檚 plenty of memory for testing and for low-resource sites, but it means a VPS is not where you want to host a big online store or a site of audio and video files. It鈥檚 also good to know that a VPS has a lower inode limit than a dedicated server.

  • Can I create a VPS server using a KVM server?

  • Simply using a KVM based server will not be enough for creating VPS servers. You will need a software (e.g SolusVM or Proxmox) to actually create the virtual servers.