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To point your domain name to your VPS,you simply need tocreate an A record pointing your VPS IP on your DNS provider. An A record is a kind of DNS record which links a hostname to an IPv4 address. So instead of an IP address,you can use a domain name to connect to your web server (Apache,Nginx,Litespeed,etc) of your VPS.

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  • How to point a domain to a virtual private server (VPS)?

  • In this guide, we鈥檒l show you how to point a domain name to a virtual private server using two methods: Firstly, you鈥檒l need to find the IP address of your virtual server. On Hostinger panel, you may locate all VPS related information under the Servers section. The highlighted area under SSH Details shows your virtual server鈥檚 dedicated IP address.

  • How to point a domain to a server鈥檚 IP address?

  • How to Point a Domain Name to a Server鈥檚 IP Address Step 1: Find the Zone Editor with your Domain Registrar. First, log into your domain registrar鈥檚 dashboard. This will be… Step 2: Edit the Zone File Records. To point the domain to our VPS, we need to change the 鈥淎鈥?record in the zone file… …

  • Why is my domain name server not available on my VPS?

  • A VPS has the inconvenience of not being available with a name server and this has to be overridden with immediate action of pointing the domain to the VPS server. The default name server and the domain name server (DNS) of the registrar must be used with default settings.

  • How do I set up a DNS zone on a VPS?

  • On Hostinger, you may easily do it using the domain management panel. The next step is setting up a DNS zone for your domain on the virtual server. Connect to your VPS via SSH and go to: Using the nano command, create a new zone file for your domain: