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Install and configure PuTTy on your computer. Log in to the server with the root credentials.Run the command Reboot. This will restart your VPS server and disconnect you from the root account.

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  • How to restart Linux server using putty?

  • Once you become a root, type the following command to reboot the Linux server: I restart Linux server using putty ssh client. It will take some time to boot the server again. So have some patience. And there you have it, and you just rebooted the Linux server using putty client for Windows family of operating systems.

  • How to restart a VPS service?

  • How to restart a VPS service via the command line/Control Panel There are two main ways of how to restart a VPS service. The first one is through the Control Panel tool you have selected for your VPS. The other one is by using certain shell commands while you are logged in to the server via SSH with your root password.

  • How do I use putty on Windows?

  • Introduction: You need to use putty on Windows version 7 or 10. It is a graphical SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client for X. It is a direct port of the Windows SSH client of the same name. Putty is a free and open source SSH client for Windows and Unix-like system. You can download and install putty from this page if not installed on your system.

  • What is a host key to Putty?

  • So, a Host key to PuTTY is basically what a valet鈥檚 uniform and badge is to a car owner. It is simply a unique fingerprint to your server鈥檚 SSH program (OpenSSH) that helps PuTTY in future sessions to recognize it by.