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The easiest way of pointing your domain to VPS isvia A records,the procedure is as follows: Get your VPS IP Navigate to your domain DNS Zone and delete any A records that include @,www or cloudflare-resolve-to in its name

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  • How do I point my domain name to my VPS?

  • To point your domain name to your VPS, you simply need to create an A record pointing your VPS IP on your DNS provider. An A record is a kind of DNS record which links a hostname to an IPv4 address.

  • How to point a domain to a server鈥檚 IP address?

  • How to Point a Domain Name to a Server鈥檚 IP Address Step 1: Find the Zone Editor with your Domain Registrar. First, log into your domain registrar鈥檚 dashboard. This will be… Step 2: Edit the Zone File Records. To point the domain to our VPS, we need to change the 鈥淎鈥?record in the zone file… …

  • How do I set up a DNS zone on a VPS?

  • On Hostinger, you may easily do it using the domain management panel. The next step is setting up a DNS zone for your domain on the virtual server. Connect to your VPS via SSH and go to: Using the nano command, create a new zone file for your domain:

  • How do I set up a VPS for my website?

  • To do so, you’ll first need to register a domain name at a registrar (e.g. GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc.). Once you have your domain name and your VPS, you are ready to begin.