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There are two basic approaches to VPS restart. The first is managing the control panel tool you have chosen for your VPS. Another presupposes using some certain shell commands when you are logged in the server via SSH with the root password. Those who use a cPanel control panel on their VPS can restart all services pretty easily.

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  • How to restart VPS/server from command prompt?

  • Navigate to VPS/Server Control Panel by clicking on 鈥溾€? 3. Now click on 鈥淧ower Options鈥?鈫?Click on 鈥淩estart鈥? 1. Login to Windows Server, search and open as an Administrator 鈥渃md鈥? 2. Type the below command in the command prompt 鈫?Enter, 1. Login to Windows Server, search and open as an Administrator 鈥淧owershell鈥?

  • Can a VPS be restarted as part of a node?

  • For VPS administrators, if your hosting provider starts disaster recovery procedures for their cloud infrastructure, your virtual server may be restarted as part of a node. Remember, a VPS or cloud server (cloud VPS) shares a physical server with other customers.

  • How do I restart my VPS in AMP?

  • How to Restart Your VPS in AMP You do not need root access for this. Log into AMP. Locate the server hosting account and select Restart VPS. Read the warnings. If you鈥檙e sure, select Restart VPS. Click the button to read the warnings

  • How do I restart a virtual server?

  • Here, the services can be restarted through the Service Monitor menu located in the Admin Tools section of the Control Panel. Once inside the Service Monitor menu, you will have the option to Start, Stop, Restart and Reload the separate Virtual Server services.