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9 things you can do with a VPSVPS Hosting. One of the first things that comes in mind when looking into VPS is Web hosting. …Save Money By Self-Hosting. You can always choose as well to self-host your web projects. …Run a Game Server. …Set Up A Mail Server with your VPS. …Stay In Touch With VoIP. …Setting Up A VPN. …Run a development server with your VPS. …A Backup Server. …More items…

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  • What can you do with a VPS server?

  • Hosting a server is one popular thing people put their VPS to use for. It鈥檚 a good way to get your money鈥檚 worth out of your VPS. You can use a virtual server for a variety of tasks, including hosting gaming server sessions, email, applications, backing up files, setting a VoIP, and much more.

  • Can You host a game on a VPS?

  • Since hosting a game is not a resource-intensive thing to do (despite what others would have you believe), a VPS is a great option. Popular games hosted on private servers include the likes of Minecraft, Runescape, and World of Warcraft. Plus, you can have multiple simultaneous users without experiencing issues when you use a VPS. 4. Hosting a VPN

  • Can you run a website on a VPS?

  • For example, you can run a static site from your VPS. It鈥檚 enough to run a web server software, like Apache, Nginx, or OpenLiteSpeed, and upload your HTML files. The potential of hosting a server doesn鈥檛 stop there, of course.

  • How can I run the Internet of things on a VPS?

  • Install OpenVPN or another VPN server onto your VPS, and with a bit of tinkering, you can have a quick way to make sure that, no matter where you are, your data鈥檚 secure. Set up sensors around your house and have your VPS be your single hub for your Internet of Things.