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鈥淰PS鈥?technology provides greater accuracy in locating the user,unlike the 鈥淕PS鈥?technology,which depends on locating the place through satellites,which are always in a state of continuous movement and very quickly. Therefore,the geographical location is not accurate and real,but there is a slight deviation from the location.

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  • What is Visual Positioning System (VPS) in Google Maps?

  • When your GPS is not enough, the new visual system in Google Maps can also use the newly coined Visual Positioning System (VPS) feature. The VPS uses your phone鈥檚 camera and Google鈥檚 extensive back-end data to analyze your surroundings to identify where you are with greater accuracy. How Visual Positioning System Works?

  • What is VPS?

  • Visual Positioning System – All You Need To Know Visual Positioning System is a camera empowered route framework that outwardly chat the bearing in occupied crossing points. +91 811 386 3000

  • What is the difference between VPS and GPS?

  • Existing objects, such as vehicles and systems that can calculate magnetic and gravitational fields are quickly distorted, 鈥渞esulting in errors up to 180 degrees unreliable.鈥?VPS provides an imagery-based unit positioning instead of GPS.

  • How does Google鈥檚 VPS work?

  • The surroundings start to display with an overlay of the existing Google Map. The VPS is also supposed to show you the nearby locations by detecting them with the camera and Google鈥檚 ordinary location detection systems. Once this technology is launched, it will become very much easier to detect our location with much preciseness.