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Host your Website on a Linux VPS ServerPre-requisites. …Point you Domain to the VPS Se …Connect to your VPS using a SS …Install an Open-Source Web Hos …Basic configurations of CentOS …Work on Website Hosting

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  • What is a VPS hosting?

  • A VPS aka virtual private server hosting, allows you to get dedicated resources to host your website on a shared server. So basically, a VPS hosting is part-shared and part-dedicated. A VPS is one of the several ways you can host your website on the internet.

  • How to set up a VPS server?

  • The first thing you need to do is get a VPS hosting from a reliable VPS hosting platform. After you clear the payment, you should be given your login information which will be needed to continue with the setup. ssh [email protected] where root is the username provided to you and X.X.X.X is the IP where the server is hosted.

  • How do I point my domain to a VPS?

  • Once your VPS is up and running, point your domain to the virtual server by changing the DNS records, either via child nameservers or the DNS A records. This method requires setting up a new DNS zone on your virtual server.

  • How do I set up cyberpanel on a VPS?

  • The initial setup requires a minimum of 1 GB of RAM and 10 GB of disk space. Follow these steps to install CyberPanel on your VPS server: Make sure your virtual server鈥檚 operating system is compatible with CyberPanel.