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  • How does CentOS VPS protect my server?

  • Centos has built-in features that will protect your server from external attack. Since Centos VPS is partitioned by the hypervisor, it improves the security system. That is, whenever a server security system breaches, it doesn’t affect the other servers present.

  • Why choose start VPS?

  • Start VPS feature also include CentOS Operating system Choose your CentOS Serverversion, many new and older templates available on our platform. Live backups All backups can be made while your server is running and online. There is no downtime during backup. Flexible Billing There are no contracts at

  • What is CentOS server?

  • It is an Linux distribution which is one of the most used operation systems at this time. The first version of CentOS was released in 2004. There are many versions available, all official released OS鈥檚 are available on CentOS Server is compatible and based on Red Hat enterprise Linux.

  • Is CentOS VPS cheap to buy?

  • Some prices are cheap, while others are just affordable, which is often based on the package or plans included. We have a 7-days free trial that provides our customers a practical approach before purchasing a CentOS VPS. With our free trial, you can rest assured to get top-notch service in the nearest future.