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  • How many VPs are there in an organization?

  • There may be only one or many VPs within an organization, depending on size and structure. If the company has one VP, then they’re usually second in command after the president or CEO and would take over the role in their absence. A VP is usually a level above a director, and can be a director’s manager.

  • What does the Vancouver Public Schools Board of directors do?

  • Members of the Vancouver Public Schools board of directors are elected by the citizens of the community to four-year terms. The board sets the district鈥檚 goals and policies and is the governing body for adoption of school budgets.

  • What is the role of a VP in an organization?

  • In instances, as described earlier, when senior VPs exist, they would normally fulfill the role of backup decision maker in a president or CEOs absence. As an officer in an organization, the VP can sign contracts and speak for the company so the title of VP is respected and comes with serious, official responsibilities.

  • Is the VP a senior officer in an organization?

  • The VP is a Senior Officer in an Organization. The vice president is an employee who is an officer of an organization in the private sector (business) or the public sector who reports to (is below) the president or the CEO, and usually functions as the second in command in rank within the organization.