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By default,2 users can login to Windows VPS simultaneously. However you can purchase our device CAL license to extend simultaneous login. CAL [Client Access License]allows the additional Remote Desktop users. We provide 5 Device CALs license in just $40/Month.

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  • Can you have the same user on two different computers?

  • I believe that yes, they could log into both PC with the same credentials but I am not sure about at the same time. Nor am I sure that will work in a SQL environment. But as far as workstations yes, you can have the same user on multiple PC’s.

  • Is it possible to log on to two computers with same logon?

  • Is this possible to do and will they be able to log on to both computers with the same logon in the same domain? They should be able to logon to both domain pc’s with the same credentials, unless there is group policy preventing it.

  • Can I use the same login on two machines in domain?

  • Yes you can use the same login on 2 machines in a domain. We use several basic machines with a generic login that are used mostly to access a webpage and scan data into it.

  • How to allow more than 2 remote sessions on Windows Server?

  • Allow More Than 2 Remote Sessions To allow more remote users on your Windows server, you need to install the RDS (Remote Desktop Services) and purchase a RDS License, but It will give you 120 days free trial for this feature when you install (without license). Here we will install RDS without ADDC (active directory domain controller).