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  • Is a2billing no longer supported?

  • A2billing is no longer supported. Most people from the VoIP world know A2billing as one of the most popular open-source softswitch. In this article, I鈥檒l share the most common challenges with A2billing based on the feedback I received from its users.

  • What do I need to use a2billing?

  • To use A2billing you need to be tech-savvy, have a great experience with Linux and Asterisk (or to hire a person with such skills) because you鈥檒l need to do many fixes and customizations to make the system complete and stable.

  • What is a VPS and how does it work?

  • A VPS is a server that is shared between multiple users. However, each website that鈥檚 stored on it is given a specific amount of power and memory. This is achieved by running a hypervisor, which builds virtual environments by creating, releasing, and managing all the available resources.

  • Is a VPS a good choice for your website?

  • However, a VPS can be a cost-effective solution that still provides the speed and power you need. Ultimately, your decision will depend on the nature of your website. If it needs more than what shared hosting can offer, you may benefit from the improved performance and flexibility of a VPS.