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  • Should you build your website with Wix or other hosting?

  • If you want an easy site building experience, but you can afford to take some extra steps and don鈥檛 mind doing so to reduce the cost, you have viable alternatives in the form of general hosting. I鈥檒l say that because Wix is successful for its goals, I recommend Wix.

  • Is Wix easy to use?

  • So if you鈥檙e wondering how to create a Wix website that鈥檒l impress every visitor, it鈥檚 totally doable 鈥?as a drag-and-drop website editor, Wix is super easy to learn and use. So, Wix is popular, that much is clear. Since it launched in 2006, it鈥檚 transformed the mysterious kid that was web design into the most likeable student on campus. But how?

  • What domain do I need to use with Wix?

  • If you鈥檙e using Wix鈥檚 free plan, you鈥檒l have to use a domain with the format www.yourname.wixsite/yoursite. Step 8: Publish!

  • How to use Wix editor?

  • How to Use Wix Editor. 1 Step 1: Sign Up. If you鈥檝e compared the top website builders out there and come to the conclusion that Wix is for you, then a lot of your work is … 2 Step 2: Choose a Template. 3 Step 3: Update Text and Images. 4 Step 4: Personalize the Background. 5 Step 5: Add Pages. More items