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  • How do I use Grammarly on WordPress?

  • It is essentially a Chrome spell checker and works on almost any text entry field. Go to your WordPress website and open any existing page or post. Alternatively, you can create a new one. You can tell if Grammarly is working if the icon is visible in the text area. If the icon is Green, the content is clear of errors.

  • Is Grammarly a good alternative to Microsoft Office?

  • Most people rely on the MS office, but it might be helpful for spelling mistakes not for the grammatical and/or other errors. While Grammarly is an advanced tool with tons of features, its pricey plans may urge you to find a Grammarly alternative.

  • Why is Grammarly not connecting to my server?

  • The 鈥淐onnecting to the Grammarly server鈥︹€?message can indicate a problem with your local network, internet service provider, or computer settings. There could be a problem with your network configuration: To resolve the issue, reboot your computer and sign in to your Grammarly account once again.

  • How to join Grammarly affiliate program?

  • 1.1) 1. Joining Grammarly Affiliate via direct link 1.2) 2. Join the Grammarly Affiliate Program via (Commission Junction). 1.3) 3. Join the Grammarly Affiliate program via ShareASale 3.1) 1. I don鈥檛 have a website. can I still Join Grammarly Affiliate program? 3.2) 2. What are the payment options available?