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  • Can my ISP see if I鈥檓 using a VPN?

  • Your ISP can see you鈥檙e using a VPN, and which VPN service you鈥檙e using; that鈥檚 all. The site or service you visit can see your data, of course, but will see only the IP address of the VPN.

  • Can ISP see everything I do on a VM?

  • A VM doesn’t get you any additional privacy from your ISP… although it might be a convenience as part of a more complete solution. In your article Can Everything I Do Online Be Monitored at My Router? you state that 鈥測our ISP can see everything you do鈥?

  • How does a VPN work with ISP?

  • Your ISP basically connects you to the websites you want to visit. They get a request from you in the form of a data package and send it where you tell them to. When you鈥檙e using a VPN you basically tell them to send that request to the VPN server.

  • Can my ISP see if I鈥檓 using a proxy?

  • Your ISP can see that you鈥檙e using a Proxy, VPN, or Tor. In the case of a proxy, your ISP might see data, possibly even encrypted data. In the case of a VPN or Tor, your ISP can not. Proxys and VPNs can see all unencrypted data.