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  • How to turn off the display when computer is in sleep mode?

  • In case of local desktop Set all options in Sleep to Never and in case Agent is Windows 10 VM then Set all options in Power Sleep to Never. In Windows 8 Open Power Options by right clicking on the start menu and clicking on Power Options. Click on Choose when to turn off the display.

  • How to configure your New VPs?

  • 5 Steps to Configure Your New VPS and Get It Ready to Use Step 1: Learn How to Log into Your VPS via Secure Shell (SSH) Access Step 2: Update Your Server Step 3: Create a New User and Modify Its Privileges Step 4: Enable Public Key Authentication Step 5: Set Up a Firewall for Your VPS

  • What is the use of sleep mode in computer?

  • Sleep is a feature on your computer that allows you to save your computers state in a very low power mode. Sleep can be continent when you aren’t going to use your computer for a while and you want to save everything that is open, but it can also cause problems.

  • How to prevent Windows 10 from going to sleep?

  • How to Prevent Windows 10 from going to Sleep 1 Launch Windows 10 shortcuts key [Win+X] to navigate Control Panel and click on it. 2 Find the Power Options. 3 Click on the link 鈥楥hoose when to turn off the display鈥?from the left pane of the window screen. 4 Select the link 鈥楶ut the computer to sleep鈥?option. See More….