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Hostingmultiple domains/subdomains on a VPS is fairly easy using virtual hosts in Apache or using server blocks in Nginx.

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  • Can You host multiple websites on a single VPS?

  • Fortunately, with a little bit of foresight and configuring, you can use Docker and Nginx to host multiple websites from a single VPS. By default, Docker services all listen on port 80, which would create conflicts for incoming traffic.

  • How many websites can I host on one server?

  • Apache Virtual Host is one such component; it allows us to host multiple websites on a single server. If you have one big server with extensive resources like lots of HDD space, RAM, and CPU power, then you can host multiple websites using virtual hosting. You can host an unlimited number of websites on your Apache webserver.

  • What is the best tool to run multiple websites on VPS?

  • Docker is an excellent tool for running multiple services on a single VPS without them interfering with each other鈥攆or example, one website built on WordPress and another built on Ghost or 10 Flat-File Content Managers to Help You Ditch WordPresssome other flat-file CMS.

  • How do I host multiple websites on one Apache server?

  • Virtual hosts in Apache allow users to run multiple websites off of one IP address as well as fine-tune settings for each website. In order to configure Virtual Hosts in Apache to host multiple domains/subdomains, log in to your server via SSH and install Apache: Ubuntu or Debian: apt-get update apt-get install apache2.