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  • How to install Gnome XWindows GUI on VPS server?

  • For GUI desktop installation we choose minimal Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 14.04 OS version. Since Gnome XWindows GUI will use alot of RAM, it is recommended to choose at least X1, Z0 or bigger VPS Server with 1GB or more RAM. Reinstall your VPS with minimal Ubuntu OS and log in to your VPS server ssh command line as 鈥渞oot鈥?

  • Can I install a desktop GUI on my VPS?

  • Today, we will explore how to install a desktop GUI on your VPS Ideally, you should start with a brand new VPS, but there is nothing that prevents you from doing this on an existing VPS.

  • Do I need a VNC server for Ubuntu VPS?

  • Usually an Ubuntu VPS does not come with a graphical desktop environment or a VNC server installed, so you must first install those. To use the minimum disk space and minimum resource I used Xfce desktop environment and TightVNC myself.

  • What size VPs do I need to install Ubuntu on?

  • In terms of specs, we do not need a really powerful VPS, a 512MB RAM VPS should be okay. I am using a 1GB VPS. Finally, the guide is for Ubuntu as this flavor seems to do better than others to install a desktop UI on.