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VPS provides anall-encompassing look at how players and teams perform by weighing their positive contributions against their negative ones. The resulting number shows how effective the player is. A VPS of 1 is considered average, while anything north of 2 is elite.

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  • How does the NBA look at VPS?

  • 鈥淭he NBA looks at it. They don鈥檛 just look at points and rebounds and assists. We鈥檙e looking at the efficiency of the players.鈥?VPS is just one of the statistics that are changing the way coaches analyze basketball. And with Hudl Assist, you can get these statistics delivered to you for every game.

  • What does a VPS of 1 mean in football?

  • A VPS of 1 is considered average, while anything north of 2 is elite. 鈥淚t鈥檚 awesome,鈥?Ryan Fretz, head coach at Clyde High (Ohio), said. 鈥淚t takes the positive stuff, divides it by the negative and gives you a value point system. It truly shows how efficiently how your players are playing.

  • Is VPS the most important statistics in basketball?

  • A confused 鈥淗uh?鈥?As recently as a few years ago, these were the typical responses when VPS was brought up. Now coaches say it has emerged as one of the most important statistics in basketball.

  • How do you track Your VPS?

  • To track this accurately you must make substitutions at the correct clock time. VPS 鈥?the Danny Miles Value Point System is a player ranking system developed by Coach Danny Miles of Oregon Tech, VPS = (Pts + Reb + 2 x Ast + 2 x Recov) / (2 x Field Goals Missed + Free Throws Missed + 2 x Fouls + 2 x TO)