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  • Can I use a VPS as a VPN for WiFi?

  • WiFi networks are rarely ever secured enough. Luckily, if you have a VPS, you can use it as a VPN in order to make sure your browsing session is safe and secure in that coffee shop down the street, or the airport whose Wifi you鈥檙e using while traveling. You can safely check all your accounts and financial data without fear of online fraud.

  • Should you use a VPN when using airport WiFi?

  • Activating a VPN browsing session immediately after you join the airport wifi network but before you start browsing creates a personal sub-network that only you can access. It’s an extra layer of security that a hacker needs to break through to access your personal information.

  • Can I use a VPN while connected to United Wi-Fi?

  • Yes, you can access a virtual private network (VPN) while connected to United Wi-Fi if you purchase access. However, we cannot guarantee that the VPN won鈥檛 be dropped if there are brief, intermittent losses in connectivity. As with any wireless communication, VPNs are not inherently secure.

  • Does Apple AirPort support OpenVPN?

  • Apple Airport Limited VPN Support: Apple features limited VPN support, which is not intended for use with popular VPN service providers, so they can not be configured. There is no OpenVPN option. However, a FlashRouter would allow for a connection to nearly any VPN provider.