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  • Can you use a VPN with PokerStars?

  • In order to make a website think you are eligible for content or the ability to use it, you must spoof your location with a VPN. Today, we are specifically addressing how to unblock and use a VPN with PokerStars so you can play poker and win money鈥揳nd not get caught using a VPN.

  • Can I play online poker on PokerStars in Virginia?

  • Online poker is not legal in Virginia and you can’t access the real money games on PokerStars if you are within the state’s borders. If you want to get a taste of the PokerStars software from Virginia, you can access the PokerStars Play free platform.

  • Is it legal to play online poker with a VPN?

  • While playing online poker is illegal in certain countries, such as the USA, Australia, Slovenia, and Switzerland, using a VPN to play online poker in other countries is completely legal. What is the best VPN to play online poker? The best VPN for online poker is NordVPN.

  • Does TorGuard VPN work with PokerStars?

  • Well, maybe not. TorGuard VPN is the best VPN when it comes to unblocking content on the web, so it鈥檚 no surprise that they work well with Pokerstars. Check out the TorGuard Review for a full explanation of how they rate #1 on our ratings here.