People also ask

  • How to configure GitLab on a virtual machine?

  • The values needed for GitLab can be found inside the file /opt/gitlab/embedded/etc/90-omnibus-gitlab.conf in the virtual machine. After setting these values in /etc/sysctl.conf file in the host OS, run cat /etc/sysctl.conf /etc/sysctl.d/*.conf | sysctl -e -p – on the host. Then try running gitlab-ctl reconfigure inside the virtual machine.

  • What is the default server for GitLab?

  • The gitlab server uses nginx as its default server, while our projects use apache server to serve contents. Running two internal servers simultaneously can pose a lot of issues (ports 鈥?etc).

  • How do I access the GitLab admin area?

  • GitLab versions 14.0 and later: on the top bar, select Menu Admin . GitLab versions 13.12 and earlier: on the top bar, select the Admin Area icon ( ).

  • What is GitLab-CTL and how to use it?

  • gitlab-ctl interacts with the Omnibus packages and can be used to restart the GitLab Rails application (Puma) as well as the other components, like: 1 GitLab Workhorse 2 Sidekiq 3 PostgreSQL (if you are using the bundled one) 4 NGINX (if you are using the bundled one) 5 Redis (if you are using the bundled one) 6 Mailroom 7 Logrotate More …