People also ask

  • What is the highest level of VPS in a bank?

  • Banks have many VPs, who vary a lot in their responsibility scope, ranging from ICs to managers of managers.Next level is Director which I would say is the first well respected position, something like a L5-L6 at FAANG (pay being lesser though).

  • How many vice presidents are there in a bank?

  • They’re not: Goldman Sachs has over 10,000 vice presidents (VPs) and that Goldman VP you meet is just one of many. The same applies to managing directors (MDs): most banks have several thousands of them. Why do banks give people such fancy job titles?

  • Why is being a *VP such a big deal?

  • Because with that title would be an automatic pay bump if he was under the VP pay range, via HR policy. I work for a financial services company and being a *VP of any kind is a very big deal. . . . Most VPs have at least 70 or so employees under them and way more if you count consultants.

  • What is it like to be a VP in IT/ops?

  • A VP in IT or Ops can easily be at the mercy of some associate or even analyst making all sorts of noise with his superiors concerning a problem that’s affecting his money making ability, real or perceived.