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  • How can connect MySQL database in my VPS?

  • how can connect mysql database in my vps? I have installed mysql database on my vps ip, and input the following command when to login mysql. mysql GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON . TO 鈥榬oot鈥橜鈥?’IDENTIFIED BY ‘passwd鈥?WITH GRANT OPTION; Now i want to login mysql database on my vps ip from remote machine.

  • How to start/stop MySQL on Linux VPS?

  • Connect to your VPS through SSH with root user and type following commands. service mysql status If you want to stop/start other Linux VPS services, you can use above commands by placing service name. Following are some of the most common Linux VPS services. Start/Stop MySQL service through WHM.

  • Which user should I use for my HostGator cPanel database?

  • HostGator recommends using the database user with the database user’s password. Make sure your database name and username has your HostGator cPanel username prefix (e.g. ‘cPanelUsername_databasename’; ‘cPanelUsername_databaseUsername’).

  • What is The phpMyAdmin upload limit on HostGator?

  • The phpMyAdmin upload limit on HostGator shared and reseller hosting packages is 50MB. This is also the default on VPS and Dedicated servers. Users on a VPS or Dedicated server may increase this value by increasing the cPanel PHP max upload size and the cPanel PHP max POST size from WHM under Tweak Settings.