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For CPU and RAM,any basic configuration should be more than enoughto use the cloud VPS as a proxy (as well as VPN server) since these processes do not require too much power. 1vCPU and 1 GB RAM should be sufficient. Finally,do not pre-pay your VPS for more than necessary. You will want to test the actual speeds before committing for longer.

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  • Do I need a proxy server?

  • Here are some of the most common reasons you would need a proxy server: To access websites anonymously. This is the most common use of a proxy server. If you are ever out of the country, you will soon realize that there are a number of websites and programs (such as video streaming applications) that you cannot access.

  • Can you use a VPN and a proxy at the same time?

  • You can combine a VPN with both Tor and web-based proxies. If you connect to a VPN and then direct your traffic to a web-based proxy, you鈥檇 be able to use both services simultaneously. If you have both a device-based proxy and VPN on your device, you鈥檇 only be able to choose one.

  • Are free proxy and VPN services safe to use?

  • Free proxy and VPN services might come at a cost of your security and privacy. Since developers have to make money somehow, they can snoop on your data in the background, bomb you with adware, or limit the amount of data you can use. Premium VPNs invest heavily in their infrastructure and provide you with top-notch encryption.

  • What is a proxy service and how does it work?

  • Whether you need a secure connection, a file, a piece of information or other support, a proxy service, such as the best VPN services, intermediates on your behalf. This protects your identity from the server you’re seeking information or a connection from. What is a proxy server?