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If your provider doesn鈥檛 offer managed Docker hosting,you can always install it yourself on your VPS. In development,Docker containers are simple to run,and only require a few commands. To get started you鈥檒l need to install the Docker engine on your host OS. For Windows and macOS,you can use Docker Desktop,…

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  • Should you use Docker containers on your VPS?

  • With Docker containers, you can use a single VPS to host two or more websites or apps running on top of different software stacks. It鈥檚 an enormous flexibility boost, especially for developers who juggle multiple projects at the same time. Docker containers let you set up a staging environment identical to the production server.

  • Can I run Docker on Hyper-V?

  • Those who need to run Docker on Hyper-V鈥檚 backend and Windows containers would need Windows 10 64-bit Pro, Enterprise, or Education (Build 17134 or higher) with the Hyper-V and Containers feature enabled.

  • What happens when I Reboot my VPS?

  • Once the Docker service is set to start automatically upon rebooting your VPS, all Docker containers will also spin up automatically. All your apps running in Docker containers will come back online without any manual intervention.

  • What is Docker and why should you use it?

  • By turning your Docker container into an image, you can also have a backup of your application, along with all the software that powers it, which you can quickly restore if something terrible happens. What Do You Need to Install Docker? Docker works on Windows, quite a few Linux distributions, and macOS.