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Vice presidents typicallydo not have Secret Service protectionafter their term of service is up,unless some threat or danger exists. If the vice president runs for the office of president,however,he or she 鈥?and all other major candidates in the primary and general presidential election 鈥?are likely to receive protection.

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  • Are vice presidents protected by the Secret Service?

  • Today, there remains only one glaring discrepancy between presidential and vice presidential protection. While presidents and their spouses are given Secret Service protection for life, as well as their children up to age 16, vice presidents and their families are only given those same protections for six months after leaving office.

  • Does the Secret Service have 24/7 protection?

  • The U.S. Secret Service provides 24/7 protection for U.S. presidents and vice-presidents as well as their spouses and children, including adult children. The agency also provides protection to visiting heads of state or government, former presidents and their families and other distinguished foreign visitors.

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  • What is the Secret Service authorized to do?

  • By law, the Secret Service is authorized to protect: The president, the vice president, (or other individuals next in order of succession to the Office of the President), the president-elect and vice president-elect