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  • Does the vice president live in the White House?

  • The Vice President鈥檚 Residence With their offices located on the White House grounds, Vice Presidents since Walter Mondale have lived with their families on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory. The white nineteenth-century house at Number One Observatory Circle in northwestern Washington, D.C. was built in 1893.

  • Does the vice president live at the Naval Observatory?

  • It has since been home to the families of Vice Presidents Bush, Quayle, Gore, Cheney, Biden, and Pence. Vice Presidents have welcomed countless guests to the residence, including foreign leaders and dignitaries. Still, the Naval Observatory has continued to operate.

  • Which US presidents have lived in the White House?

  • The first full-time residents were Walter Mondale, President Jimmy Carter’s vice president, and his wife, Joan, in 1977. Every vice president since has lived there. The house is a three-story, white-painted brick, Victorian-style home with 9,150 square feet of floor space.

  • How big is the Vice President’s House?

  • Walter Mondale lifts his Thanksgiving turkey from the broiler on November 11, 1977 in the kitchen of the vice president’s residence. Every vice president has lived there since Mondale, bringing their own unique touch to the home’s 9,150 square feet.