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  • What is Windows VPS hosting?

  • WindowsVPS.Host is a company specialising in Windows VPS, cPanel VPS and dedicated servers. We offer top of the range, top quality Virtual Private servers, dedicated servers and other internet related services running today鈥檚 latest software and using the latest equiptment.

  • What is a cheap windows VPS?

  • All our Cheap Windows VPS’s have high security and protection to give you the best available Windows Virtual Private Server on the market. What is Windows Server? Businesses majorly use the Windows server, and it is just the normal Windows operating system; the only difference is that this one is used on a server.

  • What is the difference between Windows VPS and Hyper-V VPS?

  • All our Windows VPS comes with pre-enabled Remote Desktop, as soon as your VPS is online you connect to it directly via RDP. Hyper-V VPS virtualization ensures absolute isolation for every particular virtual account located on the same physical server and offers guaranteed RAM, CPU cores and other essential server resources.

  • What can you install on a virtual VPS?

  • VPS comes with full Administrator access. You can install any programs or services as you prefer. The operating system licenses are always included, even for the latest versions of Windows Server 2019. Windows VPS comes with 1Gbps port speed, allowing you to transfer files without any bottlenecks.