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When you shutdown an Azure VM,you still get charged for usage. That鈥檚 because the hardware for your VM is still allocated/dedicated to you. It鈥檚 just not being used.

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  • Does it cost money to shut down an azure VM?

  • For instance: when you shut down an Azure VM, from the machine itself, it is still costing you money. The Azure Virtual Machine pricing page tells us this: To shut down an Azure VM completely and have it not costing you any money, we need to bring it to the state Stopped (Deallocated).

  • How do I stop an azure VM from being charged?

  • Using the Stopping (Deallocating) Option: On the other hand, you can stop all charges for a VM by using the stopped (deallocated) state. In order to use this option, you will have to go into the Azure Portal (or use the Azure CLI or Azure PowerShell) and use Azure to stop the VM.

  • How to manually shutdown a VM in Azure portal?

  • Manually Shutdown VM within Azure Portal. To 鈥減roperly鈥?Stop a VM in the Azure Portal to release the resources and save money, you can follow these steps: Within the Azure Portal, navigate to the Virtual Machine blade for the desired VM. On the Overview pane, click the Stop button. Screenshot: 鈥淪top鈥?button highlighted for VM blade in Azure Portal.

  • What happens to my Azure VM hours when it is deallocated?

  • Azure doesn鈥檛 charge for the VM core hours while it is Stopped (Deallocated). However, you continue to accrue charges for the Azure storage needed for the VM鈥檚 OS disk and any attached data disks.