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Googleis tending to Virtual Private Server (VPS) market,and to compete with the strong competitor such as Amazon,they have launched attractive promotion packages. Specifically,Google is promoting $300 to the people who register to use their VPS service.

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  • What is a VPS in cloud computing?

  • Learn what a VPS is and how it differs from other forms of hosting common in cloud computing. What is a VPS? A VPS, or virtual private server, is a form of multi-tenant cloud hosting in which virtualized server resources are made available to an end user over the internet via a cloud or hosting provider.

  • How to host your website on Google Cloud VPS?

  • How to Host Your Website on Google Cloud VPS Step 1: Buy a domain name. Unless you want to serve your website from a public IP address, you will need to register a… Step 2: Hosting your website on Google. You can use Google Cloud storage to host a static website. However, your website… Step 3: …

  • Is it possible to get a free VPS server?

  • Although you can find a fair number of free web hosting services at the shared server level, site owners can have a harder time looking for a cloud server or VPS solution. Your best bet, if you don鈥檛 want to sign up with a hosting provider listed above, is to look for a free VPS trial with a reputable provider.

  • What are the different types of Google Cloud Services?

  • Google Cloud has different options including cloud storage, virtual machines, and containers. If you are starting out on the platform, you will probably want to use Google Virtual Machines (VMs) The paradigm used by Google VMs is similar to VPS services offered by other cloud hosting providers.