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How To Connect To VPSClick on your start menu in your windows.Click the search bar and type remote desktop,then click the computer icon with remote desktop connect spelled above it.Type the internet protocol (IP) address of your virtual private server.A new window will display,then you can now type your username and password. You will be signed in successfully.

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  • How do I connect to a Windows Server and VPS?

  • How to Connect to a Windows Server and VPS 1 Once you open the Run Utility, then type mstsc.exe and press the Enter button to access the Remote Desktop Connection. 2 You can also use the Start Menu to open the Remote Desktop Connection, so go to the Start Menu All Programs … More …

  • How to connect to a virtual private server (VPS) using RDP?

  • When it comes to connecting a Virtual Private Server, the Remote Desktop ( RDP ) is the easiest way to connect. With the help of RDP, you can access the VPS like your personal computer. The most helpful feature of the RDP is that you can use it with any operating system such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Have you ever used RDP?

  • What do I have access to on my VPS?

  • You will have access to a complete Windows desktop and GUI that you are familiar with, even while the VPS is hosted on a remote computer and remote network. For RDP, the most popular client is RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) which comes pre-installed on all versions of Windows.

  • What is Windows 10 VPS hosting and how to use it?

  • Windows 10 provides a function for using VPS hosting to log in to a server with all of the administrative privileges. Hence, you will get access to a wide range of functionalities to make changes to the server without having any trouble. Apart from it, you can also configure and connect to a Windows server and VPS using different ways.