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  • Why choose SiteGround web hosting?

  • For some site owners, SiteGround offers more features, performance, and support than many competitors. Few other hosts include the myriad of free services and add-ons, such as a dedicated IP and SSL, for anywhere near the same price point.

  • What is SiteGround service?

  • Conclusion About SiteGround Service. In short, SiteGround is a multi-service hosting widely recommended for any project. In addition to hosting, it manages domain, webmail, and other related services. It has a complete and professional technical support and customer service ready to assist you.

  • What are the SiteGround hosting promotional prices?

  • SiteGround Hosting promotional prices vary depending on the plan you choose. It offers three plans, Startup, Grow Big and Go Geek. They offer official discounts of up to 63% on their plans. SiteGround provides a free domain with the hiring of a hosting plan for 1 year.

  • Is a VPS server right for your business?

  • Like Goldilocks, VPS hosting customers are happiest with server space that is 鈥渏ust right.鈥?Shared hosting is too small, and dedicated servers are too big 鈥?but the scalable, flexible resources of a virtual private server are the perfect fit.