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  • How to play Minecraft on a VPS server?

  • Once your VPS server is up and running, you can easily connect your Minecraft game with the server. For that, all you need to do is to follow the steps explained below: If you have already installed Minecraft on your system, then you need to start the game using the Minecraft launcher.

  • Why choose ovhcloud VPS server hosting for Minecraft?

  • This is where OVHcloud VPS server hosting solutions come in. If you are looking for a cost-effective way of hosting private Minecraft games with a group of other players, then a VPS will be the right solution for you. Users can harness many of the advantages associated with dedicated servers, at just a fraction of the price.

  • What is a VPS server and how does it work?

  • Each VPS is allocated a set portion of the server鈥檚 physical resources, and is functionally equivalent to a dedicated server, but with a much lower price tag. It may help to think of it as renting an apartment, rather than a whole house.

  • Can you play Minecraft on a server?

  • Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game. It needs to be hosted on a server if you wish to play in multiplayer. You can rent a pre-built Minecraft server or you can set it up yourself on a VPS or on a dedicated server.