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  • How to keep session alive when Putty terminates?

  • In addition to the other answers, I’d suggest running screen to be able to have session management even if putty does terminate (connection dying, vpn going down, etc.). Just run this on your putty this make sure, to activate your session for every 10-mins. You can use the top command in the shell prompt. This will keep your session alive.

  • How do I connect to a putty server via SSH?

  • Now let’s learn how to open PuTTY, configure the server connection settings for SSH, and launch the command line This is the PuTTY default screen. This tutorial will show how to enter your connection settings to connect via SSH with Port 22. 2) Enter the main server IP into the Host Name field. This is the PuTTY command line.

  • How do I use the putty command line?

  • This is the PuTTY command line. Before you begin, you will need to log into the server You are now logged into your server via SSH with PuTTY. You can view what IP last logged in, and on what date. From here you can run dozens of commands to manage your server.

  • What is the recommended SSH session length for putty?

  • A value of 300 should suffice in most cases. (5 minutes.) This causes PuTTY to send SSH null packets to the remote host periodically, so that the session doesn’t time out.