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  • What is the future of the VPs in telepathology?

  • The diversity in their principle of operation, their application in telepathology, and their degree of sophistication promises an encouraging future in telepathology. The contribution of the VPS to the field of telepathology is notable in that it records the diagnostic pathway of a pathologists slide examination.

  • What does VPS stand for?

  • Comparison of glass slide needle core surgical biopsy diagnosis and most-common Virtual Pathology Slide (VPS) diagnosis, in order of level of agreement (concordance) for each slide Virtual Pathology Slide S6 S2 S3

  • Do I need an internet connection to use the VPs?

  • However, an Internet connection is still required to record data on the VPS database, and to provide essential data for statistical analysis and playback facilities. Validation of the VPS Slide Selection

  • What are the criteria for a valid VP?

  • For a valid VP, values for plasma concentration of glucose, insulin, C-protein, glucagon, GLP-1, GIP, FFA, TAG obtained after simulated overnight fast are required to match clinical data characteristic of the phenotype this VP represents (healthy or T2DM).