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Click on the Remote Desktop Connection to launch the program. Enter the VPSIP address you received with your username and password. Click the Connect button. Enter your VPS username and password. For your private (not a shared or public) computer,you can check the Remember me box.

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  • Why greencloud VPS?

  • GreenCloud offers fully scalable solutions. You can upgrade your VPS any time as your business grows. Our cloud nodes are built with Enteprise hardware using latest Intel AMD CPUs, along with Dell/Supermicro servers. GreenCloud serves our customer鈥檚 24x7x365, from over 150 countries across the world.

  • How to connect to your VPS using your IP address?

  • And in the username and administrator password section type the username and password given by your VPS provider. You can use any name of your choice in the connection name section (here i am using 鈥榯est鈥?as my connection name). After typing the IP address, the connection name, username, and password close this window.

  • How do I connect to RDP from a Windows VPS?

  • Step 1: To launch RDC, open the Start menu of your computer and search for 鈥淩emote Desktop connection. (If you can鈥檛 find it, you can start it manually with Start Run mstsc.exe). Step 2: Enter your Windows VPS details (from the New VPS information email) Computer: [Main IP address of your RDP VPS or Windows Server]

  • How to connect windows VPS to Android or iPhone?

  • For connecting Windows VPS from Android, you can use the remote desktop client such as 鈥?Splashtop Personal 鈥?Remote Desktop 鈥?or 鈥?Microsoft Remote Desktop .鈥?On the other hand, to connect your Windows VPS from iPhone, you can use the remote desktop client such as 鈥?Screens .鈥?/div>6 Different Ways How To Connect To A Windows VPS Easily