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If you have multiple VPSs with us, just click on the VPS which you want to reboot. In the VPS management area, just click on the Reboot icon. Once you click on the reboot icon, the reboot process will be scheduled and will be done in just a few moments.

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  • How do I Reboot my VPS or dedicated server?

  • Select Manage on the VPS or Dedicated Server package you wish to reboot. Click Request Server Reboot . On the next page, you will provide any special instructions for the server when the reboot is requested. VPS users additionally have access to the Virtuozzo Control Panel for their server.

  • How do I shut down my VPS?

  • Click on your VPS service from the My Services screen or the Dashboard. Under Virtual Machine Detail, find the Action buttons Click Shutdown and wait approximately 60 seconds.

  • How do I Reboot my Legacy or KVM VPS/dedicated server?

  • Both Legacy and KVM VPS can request a reboot via the Server Reboot form in the Customer Portal. Click on the link below to jump into the instructions. If you need assistance rebooting your VPS/Dedicated Server, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or Live Chat.

  • How do I restart a VZ server?

  • Log in to VZ as root. Be sure to replace (SERVER_IP_HERE) with your server’s IP address. Click Restart at the top of the page. Your server will immediately restart without additional confirmation. You will also remain logged into VZ as this service runs on top of your VPS.