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  • How to setup a VPS email account?

  • Head to your client area and enter your credentials鈥?password and email. You鈥檒l be ushered into the dashboard where you can initiate your VPS email setup. Here鈥檚 what the dashboard looks like: Now, click Email Accounts in the first row under Emails. You鈥檒l access the VPS email accounts dashboard.

  • How do I create a Gmail account on my website?

  • On desktop, in the site鈥檚 top-right corner, click 鈥淐reate an Account.鈥?On mobile, you may instead see a 鈥淕et Gmail鈥?button near the bottom of the screen. A 鈥淐reate Your Google Account鈥?page will open. Here, fill in the information as follows:

  • How can I get Google VPS for free?

  • Register now for Google VPS and get a free 1/7-day trial Use the one of the biggest VPS Hosting of all time; Google VPS, and enjoy smooth surfing through the Internet. Microsoft-provided cloud hosting is called Google Cloud Hosting. For a free trial account, Google offers free cloud computing for the first 12 months.

  • What do you get with a Gmail account?

  • By creating a free Gmail account, you get access to all of Google鈥檚 products. This includes cloud storage, an email service, an online office suite, and more. Here鈥檚 how to make a Gmail account on desktop or mobile.