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  • How to configure your New VPs?

  • 5 Steps to Configure Your New VPS and Get It Ready to Use Step 1: Learn How to Log into Your VPS via Secure Shell (SSH) Access Step 2: Update Your Server Step 3: Create a New User and Modify Its Privileges Step 4: Enable Public Key Authentication Step 5: Set Up a Firewall for Your VPS

  • How to integrate matrix-synapse with other Matrix servers?

  • The service is now available from other Matrix-Synapse servers. This server will need to communicate with the federated servers. To allow federation with 鈥渕atrix.org鈥? open the configuration file of your server and uncomment the lines: 鈥渇ederation_domain_whitelist:鈥? 鈥渢rusted_key_servers:鈥?

  • How do I interact with my VPS?

  • Usually, you鈥檒l interact with your VPS using the command line instead of a Graphical User Interface (GUI). That can be intimidating at first, but you鈥檒l quickly get used to it if you don鈥檛 mind Googling around for the right commands and following some simple tutorials.

  • Should you build your VoIP app on matrix?

  • If you are building VoIP into your app, or want to expose your existing VoIP app to a wider audience, building on Matrix鈥檚 SDKs and bridges should be a no-brainer. Matrix owes its name to its ability to bridge existing platforms into a global open matrix of communication.