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  • How to host multiple websites on a single VPS server?

  • So hosting multiple websites on a single VPS server using Virtual hosting is the best solution for you to reduce the hosting cost. There is, in theory, no limit to the number of sites that you can host on your VPS with Apache or Nginx. But, make sure that your server has enough disk space, CPU and RAM.

  • How to configure two WordPress sites on one VPS?

  • Congratulations, You have successfully configured two WordPress sites on one host or a single VPS. And the good news is, you can add as many websites as you want on a single VPS. If you want to add 3rd website on a same VPS, Follow these steps: Create document root in /var/www directory with two sub-directories named logs and public_html.

  • How do I add a new user to my server?

  • This article is an overview of how to add a new username to your server, and then your website. Navigate to FTP Users Files page in your panel. Click the + Add A User button at the top right. Username 鈥?A username for the new user.

  • How do I point a domain to a VPS?

  • Pointing a domain to VPS via custom nameservers is a bit trickier, as you will need to set up a new DNS zone on the virtual server. This method will switch the location of your DNS zone to the VPS, which means that all future DNS-related changes will have to be made through the newly created zone.