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Virtual Private Server

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  • What is Windows VPS hosting?

  • A Windows VPS is a Virtual Private Server for Windows that lets you host your domains without relying on dedicated hosting from shared servers. Windows VPS divides physical servers into virtual servers using server virtualization and provides root access to its users so that each of them can work independently.

  • What is a cheap windows VPS?

  • All our Cheap Windows VPS’s have high security and protection to give you the best available Windows Virtual Private Server on the market. What is Windows Server? Businesses majorly use the Windows server, and it is just the normal Windows operating system; the only difference is that this one is used on a server.

  • What is the difference between a physical server and a VPS?

  • However, physical servers are no longer the only type of server available 鈥?there are also VPS, or ‘Virtual Private Servers’. A VPS is a virtual machine, meaning it has all the characteristics of a dedicated physical server, but can be run on a physical server with multiple other VPS.

  • What are the benefits of Windows VPS for your business?

  • In short, with windows VPS, you can give your customers a smoother and faster experience. When you are using a shared hosting server, you are vulnerable to security breaches. If one of the users gets infected with a virus or malware, then there is a chance that you will also be infected.