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  • Who can use the TSA PreCheck program?

  • Available to US citizens, nationals and LPRs. TSA uses unpredictable security measures, both seen and unseen, throughout the airport. All travelers will be screened, and no individual is guaranteed expedited screening.

  • How often does TSA PreCheck expire?

  • Your membership expires every five years TSA PreCheck membership is only good for five years, which means you have to reapply and pay the application fee every so often. You can renew your membership up to six months before the expiration date in order to ensure your membership does not lapse, and the process is easier than joining initially.

  • Do you get expedited security lines if you get TSA PreCheck?

  • Even if you are accepted to TSA PreCheck, you won鈥檛 automatically get to use the expedited security lines. Although you do not receive a membership card like you do with Global Entry, you will be given a Known Traveler Number.

  • What is the difference between Global Entry and TSA PreCheck?

  • Each is designed to make travel easier, but the way each works differs. TSA PreCheck provides dedicated lines and expedited screening at domestic airports in the United States. Global Entry allows expedited entry into the United States for international travelers and includes TSA PreCheck.