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  • How to connect to a Windows VPS or Linux VPS?

  • Wondering how to connect to a Windows VPS or Linux VPS on your Windows 10 PC? Follow the simple guide below to get started. Navigate to the Start menu and search for 鈥?remote desktop .鈥?You should find it on your PC. Enter the IP address of your Windows server or Windows VPS. Where to get a Windows server with remote desktop?

  • How do I connect to a VPS server using remote desktop?

  • Press the Windows Logo + R key combination simultaneously to open the Run window. Then type mstsc in the open box and press Enter. Once the Remote Desktop Connection software is running, a window will open allowing you to enter the domain address or Public IP of your vps server.

  • How do I connect to Ubuntu from Windows?

  • To connect to your Ubuntu computer from Windows over the command-line, follow the step-by-step instructions below. Step 1: Head over to the Ubuntu PC or Ubuntu Server, and launch a terminal window. Then, with the terminal window open, update the system. Step 2: After updating the system, use the apt install command below to install …

  • How to SSH into Linux VPS using putty?

  • 1 Open Putty Terminal client, you will see following window. Enter your VPS IP address, check the checkbox SSH and click on Open. 2 You will be prompted for the Password , Enter your Password and hit Enter. 3 You are connected to your Linux VPS through SSH from Windows system.