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How to install MT4 on VPS step by step guide. There are only three things that are required to install MT4 on VPS and it鈥檚 quite simple. You will require an internet connection,a remote desktop connectionand a VPS address and password from your broker or service provider. The first step is to register with the brokerage that supports VPS.

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  • Can I run MT4 on a VPS?

  • We recommend running your MT4 on the VPS in so-called Portable mode. In this way, MT4 will store all its data in the folder where MT4 is installed.

  • What is a MT4 virtual server?

  • An MT4 virtual server is pretty much a separate desktop, it is a virtual computer that you own. You can download, install, and run everything that you would do on your actual computer. So the pieces of software like cTrader, MT5, and all the others can easily be used with VPS as well, it is not exclusive for MT4 only.

  • How to connect to a forex VPS?

  • After signup and order a forex VPS you will get an e-mail from Support Team with an IP address, username and password to connect to. Open the remote desktop connection program in windows.

  • How to install metatdater4 on a VPS?

  • Once the Metatdater4 installation begins, you need to configure the settings, as you, most likely, will be installing multiple instances of MT4 platform on the VPS. Click Settings [1]. Installing multiple MT4 platforms on the VPS requires different (unique) folders to be used for each platform.