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How many users can a VPS handle? Home FAQ50 concurrent usersat least if website and VPS are properly configured. And it can handle up to 200 online users with no trouble. Check the memory usage during peak hours,that will give you clear idea on how much traffic your VPS can handle.

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  • How many visitors can a VPS server handle?

  • So much so, that even the most cost-effective VPS solution can handle at least 20,000 daily and 600,000 monthly visitors without breaking a sweat. Compared to similar providers in the niche, only high-tier servers can boast such numbers.

  • What is the capacity limit of a VPS?

  • If you run your site on a VPS with just one or a few CPU cores the capacity limit may be reached much earlier. For example: 2 cores / 0.65 = 3 pageviews per second * 60 * 0.75 = 135 Max simultaneous users. There are basically two things you can do to improve the scalability of your website.

  • How many users can a server handle?

  • A: Even though it depends on the hardware and system resources, any decent server can easily handle even more than a million users. Of course, that is provided you use a VPS solution with very few other users or rent an entire dedicated server for your needs alone. Q: Who is Shared Hosting good for?

  • How many visitors can shared hosting handle?

  • While there is no straight answer to the question of how many visitors can shared hosting handle, you can expect any reliable provider to ensure a safe environment for at least 2000-3000 visitors daily or 60,000-100,000 on a monthly basis. If you are looking for something more than that, a managed VPS server would be a much safer bet.