People also ask

  • Can I upload files to my windows VPs from my computer?

  • You wish to access a file that is stored on your home computer through the Windows VPS, however, no matter where you look inside the virtual server, you just cannot find the option to upload a file. Worry not, there are different ways to transfer files between virtual private servers and computers, or vice versa.

  • How do I transfer files from one VPS to another?

  • It鈥檒l either be 22 (the default port), or it鈥檒l be given to you when you order your VPS from your hosting provider. To get the full path to the file you want to transfer, enter the 鈥減wd鈥?command on the CLI of the remote server while the file is in your current directory.

  • How do I download files from Dropbox to a VPS?

  • Open/login to the VPS, run the IE application, and type, login using the same e-mail/account (the one that is being used in our computer/laptop previously), and download the specific compressed file which we have uploaded as mentioned in No. 4 above.

  • How do I connect to a Windows VPS via SSH?

  • While it is possible to connect to a Windows VPS via SSH by installing an SSH server on it, it is a less convenient and not widely used method. Remote Desktop is Microsoft鈥檚 proprietary protocol that allows you to connect to a remote Windows system and control it from your computer as if you were sitting in front of the remote machine.