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On the Home page of the VPS Control Panel,click the Manage buttonof the server where the new operating system will be installed.. In the Controls section at the bottom of the page,click on the General tab if it is not already selected and then click the Reinstall button. A list of operating system images is shown. Click the radio button next to the operating system image you want to install …

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  • How to install Ubuntu desktop on a VPS?

  • How to Install Ubuntu Desktop on a VPS Installation. Step #1: Go to Ubuntu’s download page and click the Download button for the version you want. The download… Fix Networking. By default, the desktop environment for most Linux distributions won’t have internet connectivity… Enable SSH. By …

  • How do I login to my windows VPS control panel?

  • After ordering a Windows VPS, you have received an email including your panel login details which we are going to use in the guide below. 1) You would need to login to your control panel using the details provided in the email. Or you can also click on the one click login from your client-area. (My services menu, click on your Windows VPS)

  • How do I connect to a VPS as a remote desktop?

  • Provide the client the hostname or IP of your server, followed by ‘:1’ (or whatever number of matching the screen number you set when enabling the service in step 10. You will then be prompted for the password you set in step 2. Then you will be connected and will be able to use the VPS as a remote desktop.

  • How do I create a DNS zone for my Windows VPS?

  • If you want to access your Windows VPS through a domain, you would need ot make sure to create an A entry from your subdomain to your IP. You can use the domain : and request us to create the DNS zone for you (it is a free service), or you can choose a random domain.